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We’re not your standard consulting firm, because we go beyond simply delivering a plan. We’re not your standard creative agency, because we are nimble, efficient, and effective. What we are is a team of experts in your industry with the ability to deliver a range of solutions, from a strategic roadmap all the way through to tactical execution.

Expansive Network

We work with a network of established freelancers so we can pull in those with the expertise you need, when you need it. That cuts down on expenses for you and keeps things efficient for everyone.

360° Support

We understand that building strategy is a collaborative process, so our services don’t stop at the door. We will help you vet strategies, concepts, and tactics through your team to ensure internal alignment and cohesive movement. This way, nothing falls through the cracks.

Focused Results

Together, we have decades of experience in healthcare and technology, so we know your business. We focus in on problems and deliver focused results. Our experience covers most business models and sales approaches. We are seasoned at launching the ChallengerTM Model with the healthcare space and have seen measurable results every time.


Education & Training

From small in-person trainings, to enterprise-wide updates, we can deliver a message your team remembers.

Market Research

With your preferred research vendor, we’ll ensure you have well designed research that delivers actionable insights.

Brand Strategy

From refining your brand architecture to sharpening your focus, we’re here to help drive business growth.

Product Launch

Launch plans, creating new market categories for a disruptive technologies,
global roll outs

Market Modeling

Knowing the numbers makes for well informed decisions – we can do the homework
for you.

Competitive Assessment

We know how to critically evaluate a market and design a plan to win against the competition.


Positioning & Messaging

We’ll make sure the right message for your brand reaches the right audience.



Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

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Principal Consultant, Founder

Cortney Donaldson is your strategic expert. With expansive experience ranging from commercialization to product development, she can quickly spot an opportunity and nail a strategy. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups and is experienced in both pharmaceutical and medical device marketing.

Cortney is truly the master of planning and development at Focus Marketing – when you think “big picture,” you think Cortney. She has a keen ability to spot potential challenges and risks from a mile away and identify creative solutions to keep business goals on track. With her extensive knowledge and range of experience, Cortney has what it takes to set your strategic plan up for optimal success every time.



Strategic Marketing Consultant, Founder

Carolyne MacLellan is your clinical and operational guru. With a rare mix of experience on both sides of marketing (medical device and agency), sales (capital equipment and disposables), and even clinical (as an EMT and cardiovascular technologist), Carolyne has been on every side of the business. This affords her rare insight into every target audience of your business and how to execute plans most efficiently.

At Focus Marketing, Carolyne builds out strategic plans and takes them into execution and delivery. She functions as the point-person for the freelance network, skillfully pulling in and giving direction to the appropriate talent. With her varied experience, Carolyne knows how to find the most efficient path to get the job done and deliver measurable results.



Associate Consultant

Lauren Costanzo is your marketing swiss-army knife. With professional skills in communications and planning, messaging, sales support, digital marketing, and education training, Lauren is a strong team player with a passion for outstanding client service.

At Focus Marketing, Lauren manages multiple tasks while proactively solving problems.



Associate Consultant

Rachel Chernus is your regulatory genie. She gained her experience through advertising agencies and as part of in-house project management teams. Because of her experience, she can see all points of view from both the agency and the client’s side.

At Focus Marketing, Rachel leverages her skills, including her strong attention to detail, to guide the Medical, Legal, and Regulatory review processes of marketing materials.



Strategic Consultant

Alexandra Curci is your lead strategic partner. Alex has experience in marketing, product development, sales and client services in the diagnostics and medical device industries. 

Analytical by nature, her detailed approach has led to the delivery of comprehensive and personalized campaigns. 

At Focus Marketing, Alex believes cross-collaboration results in the most authentic and successful message and brand. Her breadth of peripheral knowledge in the medical space, including financial analysis, managed care and general management, contributes to her ability to see the big picture and strategize a roadmap to growth.



Creative Director, Copy

Brian Chavez is your creative powerhouse. Copywriter by trade, Brian has created materials for a number of brands across multiple categories and specialties. Brian’s work has been honored with nominations, recognitions, and awards from some of the industry’s top organizations.

At Focus Marketing, Brian collaborates with clients, vendors, designers, producers, and programmers to develop compelling content across any and all channels.



Project Manager

Melanie is a project management master. An experienced project manager, Melanie has worked in operations for both agencies and in-house companies. Her advertising experience covers pharmaceutical, medical device, live events, and political industries.

At Focus Marketing, Melanie’s biggest goal as a project manager is to ensure transparency, collaboration, and efficiency between clients and the creative team.





Graphic Designer

Darci Quach is your design wizard. Darci is an accomplished graphic designer with over a decade of experience in the creative industry. Darci has worked with several Los Angeles-based agencies on projects ranging from multimedia for live events to theme park design. She has found her niche in corporate communications and has helped develop content for both startup and Fortune 500 companies.

At Focus Marketing, Darci has a knack for visually organizing complex information into easily digestible formats. Her curiosity for design keeps her engaged with industry trends and best practices to ensure output for her clients is relevant and appropriate.


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