Principal Consultant, Founder

Cortney Donaldson is your strategic expert. With expansive experience ranging from commercialization to product development, she is quick to spot an opportunity and nail a strategy. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, and is experienced in both pharmaceutical and medical device marketing.

Cortney is truly the master of planning and development at Focus Marketing – when you think “big picture,” you think Cortney. She has a keen ability to spot potential challenges and risks from a mile away and identify creative solutions to keep business goals on track. With her extensive knowledge and range of experience, Cortney has what it takes to set your strategic plan up for optimal success, every time.


Strategic Marketing Consultant, Founder

Carolyne MacLellan is your clinical and operational guru. With a rare mix of experience on both sides of marketing (medical device and agency), sales (capital equipment and disposables), and even clinical (as an EMT and cardiovascular technologist), Carolyne has been on every side of the business. This affords her rare insight into every target audience of your business and how to most efficiently execute plans.

At Focus Marketing, Carolyne builds out strategic plans and takes them into execution and delivery. She functions as the point-person for the freelance network, skillfully pulling in and giving direction to the appropriate talent. With her varied experience, Carolyne knows how to find the most efficient path to get the job done and deliver measurable results.


Strategic Marketing Consultant

Jeff Martin is your upstream and downstream medical device marketing expert.  With experience spanning many medical categories, he is your portal to effective implementation of a variety of go-to-market models.  Blending classical consumer packaged goods marketing experience with his engineering education, Jeff delivers a unique blend of marketing, technology, and clinical knowledge to bring the right product to market in a compelling way.

At Focus Marketing, Jeff takes a holistic view of marketing, from conception to retirement, to help optimize performance at every stage.  His experience will help you create and communicate effective healthcare brand value propositions with a competitive edge.


Brand Experience Consultant

Angelika Schubert-Belle is a your brand experience expert, specializing in all aspects of design.  She brings over 25 years of experience in the medical, consumer product, sports & fitness and automotive industries.  She has received over 12 international design excellence awards from competitions, such as IDSA, IF Awards and Design Innovations and is a holder of 12 international design patents.

At Focus Marketing, Angelika leads the way on brand alignment and design.  She ensures clients are optimizing their brand presence and communications, so they can effectively grow business.



Lorie McElroy is your consummate writer. With well-honed strategic instinct, she adeptly translates complex information into compelling communication and ensures each healthcare brand achieves its strongest voice in the marketplace. Demonstrating a keen ability to master highly specialized markets, she has written for diverse sectors ranging from Rx treatments to medical devices and OTC products.

Lorie brings to Focus Marketing her trademark curiosity and thoroughness as well as her experience as an Associate Creative Director and Account Group Director at major New York City creative agencies. To provide spot-on solutions for marketing challenges, she excels at collaboration with stake holders because she understands that insight is the essential ingredient for successful communication.



Catherine Sun is a seasoned copywriter with a specialization in healthcare. Her experience includes nearly a decade in the NYC advertising circuit, working at agencies such as FCB Healthcare, Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, and Grey Healthcare Group. Catherine understands how to navigate medical and legal regulations while creating content that is both provocative and digestible. She has an ability to craft messages that speak to audiences, from healthcare professionals to patients, in order to drive desired behaviors and actions.